This Week in 2009

“Don’t cry, it’s my situation. I got it. Hold tight, It’s going to shine on the golden child. Hold tight. I love you, I’m through with my statement.”

– Derrick Lamone Johnson, convicted of murder, lethal injection, Texas. Executed April 30, 2009.

Johnson and his fifteen-year-old accomplice, Marcus Maxwell, robbed and kidnapped LaTausha Curry while she made a call at a pay phone. Johnson confessed that he and Maxwell raped and killed Curry, suffocating her with her clothing. At the time of the murder, both men had been on a two-week crime spree that involved the sexual assaults of other women in the area.


This Week in 2012

“I regret nothing.”

– Thomas Arnold Kemp, Jr., convicted of murder, lethal injection, Arizona. Executed April 25, 2012.

Kemp and Jeffrey Logan kidnapped college student Hector Juarez in the parking lot of his apartment complex. The two forced Juarez to withdraw money from an ATM and shot him. Kemp showed no remorse for his crime and refused to attend a hearing with the Arizona Board of Execution Clemency.


This Week in 2010

“I came in like a lion and go out like a lamb. Erin and Emma will forever and always hold the heart of the lion. To my brothers, I hope they will never have to walk these 15 steps I walked today. I have tried to bring attention to the futility and flagrantly flawed system we have today. Stop the madness.”

– Lawrence Raymond Reynolds, Jr., convicted of murder, lethal injection, Ohio. Executed March 16, 2010.

Reynolds, an alcoholic, strangled Loretta Mae Foster, leaving with her checkbook and $40 in cash to buy liquor. One month prior to the murder, Foster had hired Reynolds to paint her basement and was reportedly harassed by Reynolds, who claimed that she owed him $300 for the job rather than the $100 that she paid him.


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