This week in 1754

April 8th, 2015 by admin

“I heartily thank the good Ministers who have frequently
visited me, and prayed for me. I heartily forgive my enemies.
And I sincerely fly to the Blood of Jesus Christ
which is able to atone for my innumerable iniquities
and cleanse me from the Pollution of Sin.”

— William Welch, convicted of murder, hanging, Massachusetts Bay Colony.
Executed April 11, 1754

Welch’s relatives in Ireland attempted to curb his reputation for trouble by sending him to America, where they hoped he would reform. But little changed. Welch was soon wanted for theft and for stabbing a man who had pursued him. Later in life, Welch was caught by Darby O’Brian, who wanted to collect reward money. Welch offered him more money than the reward, then murdered O’Brian after the two achieved an agreement. Welch’s account was recorded in “A Chronicle of Welch’s Confession and Last Words,” published in Boston in 1754.

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