This week in 1926

February 20th, 2015 by admin

“…My last wish and desire on this earth will be realized when I am able to have published my closing words in the form of advice to the youth of the nation. To you I say obey your parents, seek the advice of your elders, and live an honest and clean life with thoughts of brighter and cleaner things, at all times seek the finer things in life, and by all means obey the teachings of God and be able through these teachings to receive ultimate celestial glory.”

— Edward McGowan, convicted of murder and rape, firing squad, Utah.
Executed February 5, 1926

The first black man to be executed in Utah, McGowan was convicted of raping a mother and her daughters, and killing the woman’s husband at their home, where he had been a guest. McGowan’s last request was to die wearing an old pair of rubber shoes and not his boots on. Inmates raised money so that McGowan could receive a proper burial.

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