This week in 1913

February 19th, 2015 by admin

When asked if he was ready:
“No, not yet. I want my breakfast first.”

After being refused food and read his death warrant:
“Everybody knows that and I don’t want to hear it. Let’s go now.”

He continued to utter curses and threats at the presiding sheriff.

— Frank Romeo, convicted of robbery and murder, firing squad, Utah.
Executed February 20, 1913

An Italian coal miner, Romeo shot a manager of a gambling house who was carrying the day’s take to his home. Romeo and an accomplice were chased nearly fifty miles before capture. During execution proceedings, Romeo appeared extremely agitated. Two guards had to support him into the death chair, and “desperately he tried to find an excuse to delay the execution,” according to reports.

The Washington Post recorded his last words as “For God’s sake, don’t shoot me—not that way! I know I chose shooting when the judge asked me whether I preferred shooting or hanging, but I don’t want to be shot—not now. Hang me, but don’t shoot me!”

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