This week in 1917

February 17th, 2015 by admin

“They can’t kill a smile!”

— Harrison Gibson, convicted of murder, hanging, Montana.
Executed February 16, 1917

Gibson was one of a group of seven railroad workers who attacked and robbed three men on another train. Gibson, along with Lesley Fahley and James Foster, shot their victims after the robbery was over; the three were convicted and hanged together. Before the execution, a local newspaper quoted Gibson as saying: “Say, Mistah Sherrif, Ah’ve got a bad taste in my mouf this mawnin. There’s a red apple down in my pocket and Ah’d like jess’ one bite before Ah leaves. [Eats the apple.] All right, let’s go.” Reportedly, Gibson had a huge smile on his face as they brought the black cap down over his head.

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