This week in 1897

December 21st, 2014 by admin

A letter delivered to the press:
“The poor young fellow I killed and the girl I loved and also killed, were victims of a moment’s passion. I only wish that I could bring them back to life. The scaffold has no terrors for me. I rather welcome it. A man can only die once. My time has come and I am content with it.”

— Harvey Allender, convicted of murder, hanging, California.
Executed December 10, 1897

When Allender found that his longtime sweetheart Wilburga Feilner was to marry an ice-cream cart driver, Venanze Crosetti, he stalked both of them. After a few whiskeys one night, he drew a pistol and shot them. With one bullet left, Allender attempted to shoot himself in the head but only punctured his hat.

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