This week in 1999

December 13th, 2014 by admin

“I want to start out by acknowledging the love that I’ve had in my family. No man in this world has had a better family than me. I had the best parents in the world. I had the best brothers and sisters in the world. I’ve had the most wonderful life any man could have ever had. I’ve never been more proud of anybody than I have of my daughter and my son…I’m dying tonight based on testimony, that all parties, me, the man who gave the testimony, the prosecuter he used knew it was a lie…It’s bad enough that a prosecutor can take truth and spin on it and try to re-doctor it. But when they actually make facts up and present to the public as trial’s evidence. That goes beyond fail, that’s completely unforgivable…”

— James Beathard, convicted of murder, lethal injection,Texas.
Executed December 9, 1999

Beathard assisted Gene Hathorn Jr. in the murder of Gene Hathorn Sr., Linda Sue Hathorn, and the couple’s fourteen-year-old son. Hathorn promised Beathard he’d pay him $12,500 from his father’s estate. The men tore apart the Hathorn home, stealing several items and a van to make it appear that the murders had been committed in the course of a robbery. Hathorn, who later learned his father had cut him from his will just weeks before the crimes, also received the death penalty.

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