This Week in 2012

September 19th, 2014 by admin

“I want to tell ya’ll, know that I love you. Billy, I love you, English, Hart and Eloise. Dwight, take care of Dwight. I’m going home, I’m going home. I’ll be alright, don’t worry. I love ya’ll. God bless and the Texas Rangers, Texas Rangers.”

– Robert Wayne Harris, convicted of murder, lethal injection, Texas. Executed September 20, 2012.

Harris worked at a car wash for ten months until he was fired and arrested for exposing himself to a female customer. Shortly after, he returned to the car wash and shot at his former co-workers, resulting in five deaths. After confessing to the shooting, Harris also led police to the body of Sandra Scott, who had been missing for four months. However, he was not tried for her murder.

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