This Week in 2011

January 11th, 2014 by admin

“Let my mother know I love her. I just want to thank everyone for your support. I want to thank all my buddies on death row. I hear you banging. There is a letter to read and to the Short family too. I hate to see ya’ll in this situation, but I’m doing all right. I’m grateful. I learned a lot — got some accurate knowledge. Just sitting here kind of enjoying my last moments. I am fine and doing good. I want everyone to be fine and not having a sad day and go on and enjoy life. I think that Governor’s phone’s broke — he ain’t called yet.”

– Jeffery David Matthews, convicted of murder, lethal injection, Oklahoma. Executed January 11, 2011.

Matthews and Tracy Dyer broke into the home of Otis Short, Matthews’s great uncle. Matthews shot Short in the head while Dyer cut the throat of his wife, Minnie, who survived the attack. Both men fled in Short’s truck after stealing $500 in cash. Dyer testified against Matthews during his trial for Short’s murder, but recanted his statements. Matthews was retried in 1998, but he was again sentenced to death.

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