This Week in 2012

January 5th, 2014 by admin

“I was just going to ask everybody if they could hear my brothers out there. I know it’s kind of quiet now, but I want to acknowledge that my brothers are here with me to send me off on my journey. They are here on my behalf. They’ve already given me my little send off. So let’s get it on because that’s what we’re here for.” He then repeated four times, “Valhalla, Odin, slay the beast.”

– Gary Roland Welch, convicted of murder, lethal injection, Oklahoma. Executed January 5, 2012.

During a dispute over a drug shipment, Welch and Claudie Conover beat and stabbed Robert Hardcastle. Before the lethal injection was administered, Welch’s fellow death row inmates banged on their cell walls, a tradition that is regarded as a sign of a respect.

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