This week in 1901

September 25th, 2013 by admin

“If I only knew my family would not be in want I could die in peace.”

— George Dolinski, convicted of murder, Illinois. Executed October 11, 1901

Dolinski’s wife ended a visit with her parents and hurried across the Atlantic to prove that her husband was innocent of her murder. When she arrived, she discovered that she had been misinformed: it was for the murder of her brother-in-law Anton Lisle that Dolinski had been arrested. Reportedly, Dolinski had become infatuated with his wife’s sister, Mrs. Lisle. Anton Lisle was found in a pasture with his throat cut and four bullets in his body. Dolinski claimed that he and his brother-in-law had fought about money and he was forced to shoot Lisle in self-defense. The Chicago Daily recorded different last words: “I have got this to say. I am not guilty of killing that man. I—I—”

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