This week in 1773

September 11th, 2013 by admin

“The Lord shewed me, that I had nothing in me that could commend me to God . . . and as I am shortly to die a shameful death, which I brought upon myself, by reason of living so long without God in the world, yet I would die this death, in the condition I am now in, rather than live in this world, to be carnally minded, as usual. I die now to live eternally. Glory be to God for his free grace bestowed on me, vile sinner. I die, though, most unworthy of the title, one of the Israel of God and an heir of glory.”

— Francis Burdett personal, convicted of murder, hanging, colonial New York.
Executed September 10, 1773

Personal had fallen ill and could not work, so his wife, a former prostitute, reverted to her old trade to support them. However, even after Personal recovered his wife continued to spend considerable time away from home. One night she did not come home and her husband went searching for her. Finding her in the company of two men, Personal bludgeoned one of them, Robert White, to death. These last words are taken from an account of his life sold by a printing office in New Haven, Connecticut. Another account describes Personal, age twenty-six, as his wife’s pimp.

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