This week in 1942

August 15th, 2013 by admin

To his American wife:
“Never thought they would take our life away. But as I write these lines I have control of my nerves again. If it only would not hurt so much, it would not be so hard…So my Alma, chin up, because I want you to be good and goodbye, until we may meet in a better world, may God bless you! I love you, Your Hermann.”

— Hermann Neubauer, convicted of espionage and conspiracy to commit sabotage, electric chair, Washington, D.C.
Executed August 8, 1942

Neubauer was a Nazi saboteur in the failed Operation Pastorius. His part of the assignment took him to Chicago. He was the last of the group to be captured when comrade George Dasch turned himself in. Though he had not actually committed an act of sabotage, he and the others were tried by a military tribunal and executed.

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