This week in 2009

May 6th, 2013 by admin

“Don’t cry, it’s my situation. I got it. Hold tight. It’s going to shine on the golden child. Hold tight. I love you, I’m through with my statement.”

— Derrick Johnson, convicted of murder, lethal injection,Texas.
Executed April 30, 2009

Johnson faced the death penalty for the murder of LaTausha Curry, age twenty-five, whom he robbed, raped, and beat with a two-by four and suffocated with her own clothing. The crime took place “during what authorities determined was part of a two-week crime spree in January 1999 involving Johnson and a companion. During the binge, numerous women were robbed or raped from Dallas to south of Waco,” according to the Associated Press.

During his execution, Johnson tried to comfort his mother, telling her not to cry.

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