This week in 1862

January 3rd, 2013 by admin

“You have deceived me. You told me that if we followed the advice of General Sibley, and gave ourselves up to the whites, all would be well; no innocent man would be injured. I have not killed, wounded or injured a white man, or any white persons. I have not participated in the plunder of their property; and yet to-day I am set apart for execution, and must die in a few days, while men who are guilty will remain in prison. My wife is your daughter, my children are your grandchildren. I leave them all in your care and under your protection. Do not let them suffer; and when my children are grown up, let them know that their father died because he followed the advice of his chief, and without having the blood of a white man to answer for to the Great Spirit.”

— Hdainyanka (or Rdainyanka, translated as “Rattling Runner”), convicted of murder, Minnesota.
Executed December 24, 1862

Hdainyanka’s final words were written to his father-in-law, Chief Wabasha. According to military tribunal accounts, Hdainyanka was an instigator of raids on white settlements, even though he claimed that he tried to stop the murders once they began.

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