This week in 1999

December 29th, 2012 by admin

“Well, first, my people, you guys have heard everything I needed to say today. I hope I said the right things. I hope you heard me. And I hope you go beyond here and do what you need to do. Do the right thing. Strength in numbers. Look out for each other….Remember this, if all you know is hatred, if all you know is blood love, you’ll never be satisfied. For everybody out there that is like that and knows nothing but negative, kiss my proud white Irish ass. I’m ready warden, send me home.”

— Robert Atworth, convicted of robbery and murder, lethal injection,Texas.
Executed December 14, 1999

Atworth shot, stabbed, and robbed Thomas Carlson, then severed the victim’s right-hand little finger, where he’d worn a ring. Upon being apprehended, Atworth blamed the crime on an alternate personality of his by the name of Nino. Later he asked that no appeals be made on his behalf.

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