This week in 2006

December 27th, 2012 by admin

“The state of Florida is killing an innocent person. The state of Florida is committing a crime, because I am innocent. The death penalty is not only a form of vengeance, but also a cowardly act by humans. I’m sorry for what is happening to me and my family who have been put through this.”

— Angel Diaz, convicted of murder, lethal injection, Florida.
Executed December 13, 2006

It was Diaz’s death that brought a temporary statewide halt to executions by Florida’s then-governor, Jeb Bush. Diaz’s death took thirty-four minutes instead of the typical fifteen. After the initial dose, Diaz’s lawyer said his client was still conscious, moving his mouth for twenty minutes. It took a second dose to end Diaz’s life. Gov. Bush appointed a panel to investigate whether lethal injection could be considered “cruel or unusual punishment,” and all death sentences were put on hold.

Diaz had been convicted and sentenced to death for killing Joseph Nagy, a strip-club manager, with two accomplices.

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