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November 14th, 2012 by admin


“I, Marco Chapman, only have a few things to say as my last words on Earth. First and foremost I have to say I’m truly sorry to Carolyn and Courtney Marksberry for the crimes and sins I’ve committed to them and with all my heart and soul I’m sorry with ending the life of two beautiful children Cody and Chelbi Marksberry. I know the ending of my life will never bring them back and let them have the life they deserve but hopefully with my death it will give some sort of peace to Carolyn and Courtney Marksberry…As for my family and loved ones just know I will miss and love each and every one but I know its right to give my life for the lives I’ve shattered and ended. I hope and pray with all that I am that you remember who I was and not what I did. Don’t be sad over my death but relieved that I have found peace…”

— Marco Allen Chapman, convicted of murder, lethal injection, Kentucky.
Executed November 21, 2008

Chapman killed two small children after raping and stabbing their mother, Carolyn Marksberry. Marksberry and a third child survived the attack. Chapman consistently misspelled the last name of his victims as “Marksbury,” in addition to misspelling two of his victims’ first names as “Kourtney” and “Shelby.” Punctuation, grammar, and other errors have been corrected in this printing.

Warden Tom Simpson read Chapman’s statement, and afterward “Chapman looked toward the room where Marksberry and family members were scheduled to view the execution, and apologized again. His voice shook, and he had tears in his eyes,” reported the Lexington Herald-Leader. “Chapman could not see into the room reserved for families of victims because of two-way glass.”

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