This week in 2000

November 1st, 2012 by admin

“I am saying, I want y’all to keep your heads up, hold on and stay strong for everybody. I mean ah, I don’t want y’all to look at me like I am a killer or something man, cause I ain’t no killer…I can’t say that I done it because I didn’t do it. I’ve got love for everybody. I am a Christian now. I’m saying I want everybody to keep thier heads up and stay strong. I’m going to stay strong. I’ll be seeing you, this is my last breath…Give my love to everybody. I love y’all”

— Stacey Lawton, convicted of murder, lethal injection,Texas
Executed November 14, 2000

On a Christmas Eve two day “crime spree,” Lawton and two accomplices broke into more than 16 vehicles. When the owner of one of the trucks came out of his home to investigate, Lawton shot him. Lawton was on parole for a cocaine-delivery conviction.

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