This week in 2006

October 22nd, 2012 by admin

“All praises be to God.  I would like to say to the Garza family, see my smile, it is not from happiness.  I took a father, it wasn’t my fault, it was an accident… God knows the truth.  If my life could bring your father back, then let it be.  Don’t take my smile for disrespect.  If I see your father I will ask him forgiveness.  I told the Judge the truth it was an accident.  I’ll smile and I am not sad.  If my life could make you happy, be free.  I’ll say when I see him I’m sorry.  I have no anger nor fear.  Mom have no fear.  Mommy I will be home when I get there. ”

— Willie Shannon, convicted of murder, lethal injection, Texas
Executed November 8, 2006

According to police reports, it had been only 10 minutes since Willie Shannon raped a maid in nearby hotel when he attempted to steal Benjamin Garza’s car.  Shannon shot Garza in the head, dumped the body and took the car.  He was arrested after police spotted the stolen car.  Wilien Shannon had no criminal record prior to his conviction.  He was 19 when he committed the murder.

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